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Herbs made me recover from serious illness, now I am a trained herbalist who loves to share my joy of herbs and holistic health with the world. I take clients in person and online, I also make herbal events, go foraging and have started my own medicinal tea blend which you can buy in select locations or right here.

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I'd love to help find the best herbs for YOU

I take clients of all ages and genders both for in-house visits and online consultations.
Write me if you have any questions.

Marianne, Copenhagen

"... I was going to be chronically sick after living in mold. You have coached me and encourged me on every step towards being the NEW HEALTHY me.
I am forever grateful"

Thomas, Aarhus

I sing Lines praises to all my friends. She has listened to me, helped me and got me back on track. The western doctors didnt.

Mel, London

"I had given up hope of ever getting rid of the pain in my legs. After one month following Lines plan, my doctors are amazed, and pain is almost all gone!"

"Man can never excel Nature in Medicine, for she makes the best ones"

Juliette de Bairacli Levy, Herbalist


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