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Have you ever considered the wonders of Rosemary, Stingy Nettles or Garlic? To me, herbs and plants have played a key role in being healthy. Now I look at every plant in a different way. I have learned on my own body, that plants have powerful healing properties.

My journey to become a herbalist started when I was ill. I healed myself and now I help others heal too. For years I wondered what was wrong with me. My health was deteriorating, and I kept being sent to different hospitals and specialist doctors. I was in constant pain, had arthritis, brain fog, would bloat whenever I ate and was tired all day however much I slept. I could hardly lift my legs to walk. Different doctors gave me different diagnoses.

One winter day, some years ago, I was told I may have cancer, and I was offered chemotherapy. That day all changed. I asked my doctors for 3 months wait with the chemo plan. I decided to make my own research and go all in with the diet and herbs I had been reading about to support my body. When I returned to my doctors after 3 months, they were very surprised. 

My own herbal protocols worked better for me than all the different doctors I had seen over the years. Within a few months I could walk well again, and even run. I began doing yoga and rollerskating again. Today I feel healthier than I have felt for decades, and I have none of the the long list of symptoms I had before. None.

As I got well, everyone kept asking me for advice on how to cure diseases naturally. And I felt I could not go back to my previous job lecturing at University. So, now I am a 3rd year Herbalist student and I am SO very happy to be able to help others take health in their own hand. Because getting your health back naturally is possible.

Ah, and why the name, "Herbalist Line" you might wonder? My name is Line (pronouncced 'Lina'). I live in Denmark, but am happy to help you and meet online wherever you live.

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